We’re getting closer to the start of pre-registrations, and for those who don’t know us, we want to inform you about how the process works to participate in the XXVII Tabarca-Santa Pola Swim Crossing of this year 2024.

To be able to participate, it is a mandatory requirement to be pre-registered. Pre-registrations will begin on February 9th, and the pre-registration period will run from Friday, February 9th, to Thursday, February 22nd.

On Sunday, February 25th, the drawing will take place to select the 1400 participants. On February 27th, the payment period will begin to formalize the registration.

If any of those selected in the drawing do not formalize their registration, the vacant  numbers will be filled with the next participants on the waiting list.

Greetings, and we’ll be starting soon. Welcome everyone to the 2024 Tabarca-Santa Pola Swim Crossing!